JustSolve is the first South African Partner to obtain the OutSystems UX/UI Competency Badge.

by | Jan 26, 2023

JustSolve is proud to announce that we have received our first OutSystems Technical Badge as part of the OutSystems Partner Competency Badges Program launched in 2022. Our partnership with OutSystems started in 2016 and since then, we have delivered more than 60 projects and won multiple awards.

The Partner Competency Badge program recognises and promotes the OutSystems partners who excel at using a combination of multi-disciplinary capabilities, proven experience, and business knowledge to deliver quality technical solutions for their clients.

The UX/UI badge, awarded in December 2022, recognises JustSolve’s capabilities as an organisation to promote and enable UX and UI as a crucial part of the software development process. It highlights our product development team’s expertise in creating human-centric interfaces that support ease of use, beautiful designs and overall user satisfaction and retention.

During the assessment and interview, we presented an overview of our UX/UI methodology and process to the Head of Solution Delivery at OutSystems, as well as proving our capabilities through a demonstration of project work across various industries to meet the badge requirements. A few days later, we were officially awarded the UX/UI Competency Badge giving us the stamp of approval from OutSystems.

We firmly believe the methodologies and capabilities we presented are non-negotiable when it comes to the development of quality and usable software. UX/UI and product discovery are someĀ  of the most crucial steps needed to:

  • Get early alignment and direction across the team.
  • Explore the problem space through discovery.
  • Set a solid foundation for your solution.

Ensure continuous excellence throughout the project’s lifecycle.

What can you, as a client, gain from this?

Now that you know how we obtained the badge and what it represents, what does it mean for your next software solution?

Find out on our UX/UI Design page.

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