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by | Sep 22, 2021

When a leading South African healthcare solution provider needed software developed, they turned to JustSolve. 

Life Employee Health Solutions (EHS) is one of the most prominent players in the Occupational Health and Wellness space in South Africa, with ambitions of branching out internationally.  

Life EHS provides premium services to over 300 clinics across the country and manages employee wellness across multiple dimensions – including mental, financial and legal wellbeing. Their national network pulls from various multidisciplinary affiliates, namely psychologists, social workers, nurses, and doctors, amongst others.

As a market-leading, diverse healthcare provider, Life EHS needed a solution to manage the compliance of its affiliates across multiple areas, including their council registration, malpractice insurance and employment contracts. Another aspect of the application would facilitate provider invoicing. 

Traditionally, Life EHS did much of this work manually using spreadsheets. It was time to upgrade to a system that could enable process integration across the business, creating efficiencies for all their stakeholders. What was needed was a team that could function optimally under pressure to deliver a complex solution that was beautifully designed, simple to use, and intuitive from a user design experience.  

This is where JustSolve entered the picture. Life EHS needed the highest standard of skills to take charge of the project and deliver on time. As the OutSystems platform was chosen, they also required a team that could work at a hyper-agile pace, knowing the platform front to back.  

“JustSolve has proven expertise in OutSystems with the greatest number of certifications of any SA partner,” says Alistair Petersen, who headed up the Life Healthcare IT department. “They also had some experience of how our business works and could scale up their team rapidly. Their dedication to following a tried and tested process yielded fast results, supported by the strength of the developers, testers and designers. A high-quality Scrum Master kept us focused on delivering the value expected from the project.” 

The core team consisted of a business analyst, a user experience expert, a user interface developer and two seasoned technical developers, as well as a meticulous tester.

JustSolve, in conjunction with Life EHS, decided on an Agile strategy as their preferred development platform, as recommended by OutSystems. The point of Agile development is to evolve the application in the right direction, continually steered by feedback from business. This turned out to be an excellent strategy.

The development process was conducted as a series of two-week sprints. The design section, consisting of the product owner, business analyst and UX designer, worked on preparing prioritised user stories one sprint ahead of the developers. 

These user stories were planned together with the development team, after which several were chosen for development during the active sprint. During a sprint, these user stories would go through various stages of testing: first by the developers themselves (that also test each other’s work), followed by the UX expert, and finally by the JustSolve Quality Assurance tester.  

At the end of each sprint, the completed work was demonstrated to the subject matter experts and key users, who provided their input and acceptance into the process.  

The feedback was then incorporated into the user stories for future development. The continuous feedback loop between the end-users and the development team ensured that the evolution of continuous improvement for the product was always on point. 

This project was a priority for Life EHS. OutSystems was the perfect platform, delivering results in a timeous manner, with an average of one deployment per month since launch – expanding the features of the application even more.  

The positive response to the application was overwhelming. “It has exceeded our expectations by managing to distil complex processes to a very user-friendly experience,” says Alistair. “We now have an instant and detailed view of our affiliate compliance status and we can manage the non-conformances much easier than before.”  

From simplifying processes, like invoice submission to case allocation, the Life EHS affiliate network now can quickly identify what they need to submit to attain compliance. Not only does this improve Life EHS’s ability to confidently present their credentials to prospective and current customers, but also protects them from exposure to malpractice risks.  

This means that their customers get the best treatment, and their affiliates have less admin and more time to focus on their patients.  

And as for Life EHS themselves?  

We will let Alistair have the final word: 

“JustSolve is a very professional company that follow agile methodologies in a way that delivers measurable progress, visible value and realised benefits with each sprint. JustSolve made sure that we always had access to highly skilled resources. It came as no surprise that the app was awarded the OutSystems Quality App badge with a score of 95%, indicating a complete package of secure and technically sound code, embodied in an easy-to-use web application.  

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