To build or to buy – that is the question!

by | Aug 24, 2022

Many modern businesses are faced with the choice of building or buying software in their digital transformation journey. In a traditional view, business owners are told not to reinvent the wheel, but what if that wheel doesn’t fit your vision of the car?

In addition to cost, there are many other criteria to consider when faced with the build versus buy question. Each business is different and has unique needs, which further complicates this perennial decision in the software industry.

We hope that the following summary of aspects to consider will help you to understand the appropriate course of action for your situation:

When to build:

  • You want to create a one-of-a-kind feature for your website or application.
  • You intend to market your software as a product.
  • You have specific requirements and need specific features.
  • You have the time to develop the solution.
  • You can access the right resources to handle the project.
  • You have a budget that will cover the costs.

When to buy:

  • The software is not a critical component of the business.
  • You’re on a tight budget and need a low-cost tool.
  • There is a tight deadline, and you want to launch quickly.
  • You lack the technical resources needed to develop the solution.
  • You have a common issue that has already been solved.

Building at the speed of buying:

The thinking behind building your software is old, but we can now approach these projects with brand-new tools. Harnessing the latest technology, like low-code and no-code, gives a business the power to innovate and build software solutions up to four times faster than was possible using traditional development methods. As specialists within both low-code and high-code, we can leverage our expertise to help you build quality applications.

If you are considering building your solutions, this article will help you determine whether high-code, low-code or no-code is the best approach for your business.

Buying ready-made software can be more cost and time effective but building your own can provide you with bespoke functionality. The above criteria may help you to make an informed decision on which option best fits your unique business needs.

If you are still unsure, contact us for a second opinion. We can evaluate your requirements and give you a professional recommendation on the best-suited path to follow.

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About the author.

Chané is the Social Media Manager at JustSolve. All her skills and knowledge has been obtained by short courses, endless research, and a Social Media Marketing certificate from UCT.  As an Advocate (INFJ – T), she enjoys either spending time outdoors, with the people/animals she loves or rock climbing.

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