Digital Marketing has become a key component for business.

JustSolve has marketing and social media experts on board to help you boost your online presence and take your business to the next level.

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How does Digital Marketing work.

Digital Marketing has become a key marketing strategy in every business. With the growing demand and daily use of internet delivered services, such as social media, news, gaming, email and search engines, the opportunities to have your brand and product discovered and recognised are ultimately endless! 

Digital Transformation takes your existing business processes and strategies and integrates them into newer, faster technology to align your business culture in the digital world. JustSolve. have in house analysts, architects and strategists available to take a look at your business and prepare a suited digital transformation plan. A digital transformation strategy provides an easy to follow roadmap which will define, accelerate and grow your brand.

Marketing is an integral part of the sales process. The market in which brands and products find themselves in is highly competitive and fast-paced. Brand awareness and promotional product marketing have become a necessity, providing easy to access information and a solution to needs that your product or brand would be able to provide.

Digital Marketing at JustSolve.

Brand identity provides a voice for your brand, presenting your audience with the look and feel of the brand using graphic design elements, along with the vision and mission of the brand. Your brand identity provides you with an opportunity to create long-lasting impressions, making your brand memorable and personable.

At JustSolve our goal within any marketing strategy is to present your brand the way it should be perceived, keeping the brand identity at the forefront of every project we prepare for you. 

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Social media marketing is the golden ticket within marketing opportunities. Worldwide, social media networks have billions of participating users, watching videos, sharing posts, liking and following brand pages, all with the potential to make your social media marketing elements go viral. Social media has given rise to product and brand influencers, these are social media participants with a large follower base, indirectly or directly providing content which markets your brand and product. Blogs, vlogs, animated explainer videos, social media promo videos and social media advertising are personalised marketing tactics aimed at your target audience to raise brand awareness, present the brand identity on a social level and promote your brand and product in a way that allows easy discovery and research into your brand and product by the targeted audience. 

Pay per click and adwords are highly effective digital marketing tools. Adwords is Google’s advertising solution. Advertisers bid on keywords, building a list of searchable keywords relevant to the brand and product being marketed as well as the target market. Simply put, every Google search has the potential to reach your target audience, highlighting your brand and product on the first page of the returned search results. Every Adwords generated visit to your site is managed by a pay per click model, meaning that a small fee is incurred when a visitor clicks on the adword link. Although this sounds costly, the perfect selection of keywords is aimed at converting every visitor into a client, making the visit worth more than each pay per click. 

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