Great businesses need great branding.

We believe in the power of design to elevate and enhance any business. Our designers create branding material allowing your business to shine.

What is Graphic Design.

Simply put Graphic design is a visual communication. Any non verbal communication must be put into some form of visual design to get the message across. Just take a look around you. The notebook on your desk, a magazine cover, the cute saying on your coffee mug, and even the typeface in a TV ad are all examples of graphic design. Graphic design is a huge part of your everyday life which you probably barely notice. I am sure you are with us when we say we cannot live without it. Through effective Graphic Design, we aim to enrich the world around us.

This is also true for your company. With effective and well thought out branding, we can elevate your company’s overall visual appeal. Effective design will impact your brand in the minds of potential customers. Just look at brands like Coca Cola and Mcdonald’s. Consumers can recognise their brands by their icon or colour only. A fantastic result.

Graphic Design Services we offer.

At JustSolve we offer a wide array of Graphic Design Services covering all aspects from Branding to Logo design, and creating infographics. We understand the importance of ensuring your company has complete brand alignment. Our Graphic design Specialists will help guide your company to ensure your branding and advertising is done right from the start. Do you already have branding? Fear not, we also specialize in redesigning company brand identities to optimise the way customers interact with your company, and that your brand will represent your company the way you envision in this modern age.

Design illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Iconography (creating icons)
  • Typography
  • Interface Graphics and Elements
  • Print Advertisements
  • Graphic Assets for animated Video Productions
  • Posters and Billboards
  • Signs
  • Infographics
  • Packaging

Why JustSolve?

We create integrated marketing communications that help businesses compete in the new economy. Our combination of applied marketing intelligence, brand strategy, graphic design, website design, and digital marketing; creates amazing outcomes that achieve real-world results that your company will benefit from. 

Graphic Design in action.

Tsutsuma Education approached us to redesign their logo for them. They partnered up with Kutlwanong Learning Centre and wanted to showcase their close relationship by incorporating their brand colours. They had some clear ideas about what they wanted to achieve. With our help, we created a logo for them that not only showcases their close relationship with Kutlwanong Learning Centre but also the companies love for education. They wanted a logo that could be used both as a full logo as well as an icon-only representation. They were very happy with the results
Tsutsuma Education

Let us help you achieve real-world results that your company will benefit from.