UX is more than just
a buzzword.

If a user cannot figure out how to sign up, change their password, or get to their shopping cart, then there is a clear problem with the UX and it may cause the user to leave your site without taking the actions you would like them to take. An effective UX smoothly guides a user through a website or an application. If it is done well, your company will reap the rewards of this for years. User experience is not purely about positioning blocks and creating layouts.

Why invest in UX?

Lower Development Costs

By researching and prototyping the product before development starts, all the small kinks are ironed out. Users are able to test a product for usability and if your product is also feasible – aiding in the decisions of technology to be used in its implementation.

Increased Revenue

With good UX in place, numerous studies have found that increased conversion can be attributed to the following: ease of use, reduced number of steps and clear CTAs. Not only does successful UX convert more customers, but customer retention is also increased. The average ROI for every dollar invested in UX ranges from $10 – $100.

Users are motivated to interact

When designing an application, UX designers carefully create customer personas, which are the people likely to use your app. These personas use info based on real people, their demographics, income, likes, dislikes and more to create an experience crafted especially for them.

Increased Customer Loyalty

A good UX strategy focuses on keeping customers coming back. This is done by providing a pleasant experience with your web or mobile app. By creating customer journey maps, UX designers carefully lay out every step a customer is likely to take with your product from their first point of contact. By creating customer journey maps loyalty is increased by building empathy, identifying bottlenecks and increasing retention rates.

Stimulates Referals

If your UX is good, your product will do its own marketing. Good experiences get users talking, exchanging and engaging – stimulating word-of-mouth marketing. This creates trust in your product and facilitates social sharing which in turn creates a strong connection between your application and your users so that they feel their lives are made better with your product.

Less Wasted Resources

By researching, prototyping and testing your product continuously, you ensure that your user’s experience is always improving and evolving. By creating more streamlined experiences, you’ll save time, money and human resources as your product will require less human intervention like help-desks and support for users to achieve their goals.

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