Web design relates to designing the visuals and usability of a website.

Web design is a broad term for everything that relates to designing the visuals and usability of a website. Both UI and UX design, along with many other fields, are included under web design. At JustSolve we aim to give you a comprehensive service offering that does not only cover what your company might want but also covers what your company needs to compete in this modern age of technology.

What is Web Design

“Web design” is an archaic term, dating back to the days when a single person handled all the design aspects of a website. By modern standards, the term “web designer” can be a bit vague. Today, thanks to technology and our increased understanding of the craft, we now have subdivisions of web design.
The subcategories of web design include both UI and UX, but it does not just stop there. It includes other services such as IA (information architecture, dealing with site mapping and navigation) and CRO (conversion rate optimization, fine-tuning the site’s design to increase sales, signups or other specific actions). Generally speaking, web design relates to the visuals and functionality of a web site. It is a field that is also tied to graphic design at every level, and deals with the same design principles of visual communication.

Once the web designer has completed the design and it is signed off, it will be handed off to a web developer that will code the website. The web developer is in charge of bringing the web designer’s vision to life. Our web designers have a great understanding of what is realistically feasible for a web site, which results in less back-and-forth between the developer and designer. The back-end developer manages all the behind-the-scenes resources, coding the data in the database, and optimizing how that data gets delivered.


Our team consists of professional designers who are skilled in designing websites that keep both the design and functional aspect of your website in mind. Our team is well equipped to design websites that are not only functional on the desktop, but are also functional on the mobile and tablet platforms. This is referred to as responsive design.

Glovent prorotype

Web Design In action

Qbono approached us to have their website re-designed. They wanted something fresh and new to appeal to a wider network of users. Building upon their logo design we designed a beautiful, engaging, and responsive website that communicates better with their target audience and community.

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