It’s not often you find a revolutionary product like Centricity. However, communicating its many use cases to clients was becoming a challenge in itself. That’s where we jumped in to help.

Areas of Focus

User Research | Illustration | Video Production




Adobe Illustrator | Adobe After Effects

The Project.

The target market of Centricity ranges from solo business owners to corporate enterprises and often their message gets lost trying to communicate with all these potential clients with one message. What Centricity wanted was to silo down their markets into industries and provide a sample use case to aid the understanding of how the product could benefit that industry.

The Challenge.

Customers Needed Guidance

The healthcare section of the target market of Centricity did not understand how they could apply the product in their field.

No Industry Use Cases

There were no existing use cases in the healthcare field for Centricity, so it had to be researched and created.

Complex Product Info

Centricity has many functions and applications and to convey it simply within the healthcare sector was a challenge.

Our Video Production Approach.

Defining use case

We researched the healthcare sector and how they could utilise Centricity to optimise their day to day activities.

Establishing pain points

By asking questions and identifying scenarios where Centricity could fit in, we interviewed users and uncovered their greatest pain points.

Visual showcase

We had to assimilate all the research and storyboard a story that describes the situation in a simplified manner.

The Outcome.

Better user understanding

The healthcare sector has a clear understanding of how specific Centricity features can help their processes run more smoothly and efficiently.

Marketing tool

The video is now used as a marketing tool for Centricity across the board and helps people see the product used in a real-life scenario.

Increased sales to Healthcare

Since the video was released on social media, Centricity has since signed healthcare sector clients where they have not before.