Centricity is a flagship product crafted by JustSolve. A constantly evolving product, we’ve worked with all stakeholders from conception to implementation to make it a success.

Areas of Focus

UX/UI | App Development | UI Development

The Project.

Most software companies would probably shy away from such a hefty task with a tight timeline, but our team was up for the challenge. With our expertise and insight, Centricity was able to go live with their platform within 9 months of development.

The Challenge.

Must Work Offline

Some users would be in scenarios with no wifi or mobile signal, or would want to conserve their mobile data as much as possible.

Seamless Syncing

Users had to be able to capture data whilst out in the field and sync it back instantly to HQ without any lags or blockers.

Easy Evidence Capturing

The Centricity team wanted to create a paperless work environment, where all evidence and data is captured live and on the site.

Our Development Approach.

Offline Mode

When the user is out of range of signal, they can continue working on as normal. When they come back into signal range the app will auto-sync.

Launchpad & Dashboard

Jobs can be kicked off or scheduled via an Organisation specific launchpad. They can then be picked up or claimed via the dashboard.

Quick Process Builder

Complex processes can be easily set up in the backend with authoring. The user had the choice of 16+ different control types to build with.

Our UX/UI Strategy Approach.

Clear Distinction of Job Types

The dashboard is clearly divided into the different jobs statuses, so users can see what is scheduled, to do, claimable, and completed.

Easy Job Execution

We designed the mobile evidence controls to be clear and easy to understand. Icons are used where necessary to guide the user through.

Clear Reports

We structured the mobile reports so that all information captured during job execution is presented in a linear and visual manner.

The Outcome.

A Digital Workplace

Centricity is one platform to optimise, manage, and track a business’ processes straight from any mobile device or web browser.

No Bottlenecks

After processes are created, they can be instantly scheduled and assigned to specific individuals or teams within a business.

Powerful Flexibility

With a broad range of inputs from text fields to barcodes, the workflow engine has the capability to digitise even the most complex of processes.