iSixty Services

As an award-winning partner of OutSystems, iSixty Services needed a revamped website to truly showcase their capabilities to their prospective clients.

Areas of Focus

Web Design | Web Development

The Challenge.

Outdated Content

Some of the content on iSixty’s old website was irrelevant, and needed to be updated. They also felt that their partnership with OutSystems wasn’t stressed enough.

Lack of Case Studies

iSixty wanted to show their prospective clients what they could do by way of examples and case studies – something their old website did not offer.

Styling & Layout

Along with the content, we needed to give the site a facelift in terms of the layout and styling, while preserving the companies identity at the same time.

Our Solution.

Focused Content

Our task was to stress the importance of OutSystems in iSixty’s everyday use, so we planned to focus the content around that, while emphasising their services.


We provided iSixty with a template to fill out and send to their clients in order to get the information we needed to put a few case studies together.

Improve Styling & Layout

We wanted to introduce a colour scheme into the website that was new, but still represented iSixty. We also wanted to lay out the new content in an easy-to-read manner.

Fully Responsive.

We made sure that iSixty’s new website was easy to navigate on any mobile device, tablet or browser. Images were optimised for faster browsing and the layout was kept simple for easy browsing, making it a very pleasant experience for their visitors.

Sourced Imagery.

iSixty’s old website was lacking a lot of visuals, so we sourced some of the best and most relevant images from the web and edited them to fit iSixty’s profile. On top of that, we also created graphics in some instances to help explain their development process.

The Outcome.

Relevant Content

We centered all the content around iSixty’s use of the OutSystems platform and made sure it was relevant to any potential clients who might need an OutSystems solution.

Informative Case Studies

We received information from both iSixty and their clients, and put together a few case studies that explained how iSixty met their clients’ needs.

Sleek Design

We found the perfect colour palette for their website, laid out their information in a simple manner and added beautiful images and graphics to complete a sleek design.