The MyCPD platform is a place where content creators and professionals come together to facilitate continual professional development through video courses and content.

Areas of Focus

UX/UI | App Development | Web Development | UI Development

The Project.

To facilitate continuous learning for professionals in an easily accessible way, MyCPD wanted to create a platform where educational content could be easily accessed and progress of each individual could be tracked. JustSolve was tasked to create the platform and make it easy for professionals to access, progress through and obtain their credits.

The Challenge.

Uploading Video Content

Content creators need to be able to quickly and effectively upload their own content to the system, with applicable images and video descriptions.

Log of Completed Learning

A log of all learning completed via the app needs to be stored and logged. This log needed to be exported quickly via email whenever necessary.

Measured Learning

The system needed to verify if users had watched the content, and secondly if knowledge and learning was gained after watching the videos.

Our Development Approach.

Simple Backend

Content creators can easily create courses and add video content in just a few steps. Courses and videos can also be tagged for quick searching.

Feedback Questions

After a video has been watched, the user is asked to answer a series of feedback questions which test their learning and development.

Offline Viewing

We made courses and video content available to be downloaded. This enabled learning to happen on the go, and when there is no signal available.

Our Digital Design Strategy Approach.

UX First

Due to a strict timeline, we focused on getting the user experience of the app right before worrying about creating a pixel perfect UI.

UI Refresh & Clean-Up

We refreshed the app’s user interface to best showcase the courses and video content which are at the very heart of the product.

Loading Message

Some pages in the app take longer to load due to pulling data from larger courses. We made sure this loading lag wasn’t cumbersome to the user.

The Outcome.

A Learning Platform

The CPD platform is a place where content creators and professionals can come together to promote continual professional development.

On-the-go Learning

The ability to download videos means users can learn wherever they might be – whether that’s on public transport or relaxing at home.

No More Paper Records

The CPD log allows a professional to log all of their CPD activities in one place, eliminating the need to keep paper records.