We find ourselves in an extremely dynamic and ever-changing world now. Organisations of all shapes and sizes are affected by globalisation and digital transformation. RubixCube is a structured, step-by-step, SAAS solution that provides digital content to solve business challenges.

Areas of Focus

UX/UI | Software Development

The Project.

Analyzing and designing businesses and products is a multi-disciplinary, dynamic and unique process. Finding the right online content and expertise is an additional challenge. We designed RubixCube to be an adaptable platform that can assist in the rapid conceptualisation of new ideas. This is done via the creation and digitisation of know-how and incorporated into the platform in the form of interactive modules.

The Challenge.

Content overload

There is no shortage of relevant content available online to assist in the analysis and design of new business and products.

No common language

Available content comes in all shapes and forms and is expressed using different terms and references.

Lack of method

Analysis and design of businesses and their related products requires a multi-disciplinary process or method. Depending on the desired business outcome a specific and often a customised method is required.

Our Development Approach.

Selection of key SMEs

Since RubixCube is a dynamic platform. It was paramount to find the right people to assist in shaping and populating the framework and establishing a common language for all users to understand.

Defining the RubixCube

We set ourselves the goal to have RubixCube cater for as many generic scenarios as possible. Thus, we constructed a framework that suits most Incubation, Innovation and Digital Transformation needs.

Creation of digital content

Now with an established framework, we worked with our SME (subject matter experts) to define methods to navigate the framework in a systematic and practical way. The Lean Startup, Design and Systems Thinking were all incorporated.

Our UX Strategy.

Workflow enabled wizard

An easy to use wizard assist the user in a step-by-step fashion, with clear tasks and descriptions, to capture the required information needed to analyse and build their businesses.

Dynamic canvas interface

Utilizing the structure and common language provided by canvases the user can visually interpret and interact with their key information.

Connect the dots interface

The user is enabled to ring-fence key information within their canvases by connecting blocks and items within blocks.