Video production.

In the fast-paced digital era we find ourselves in, video produced content has quickly become one of the most favourable tools and therefore, an effective form of marketing a business brand and product. Statistically speaking, it is estimated that by 2021, 80% of all internet traffic will be video and as it stands now social media networks are reporting up to 100 million hours of video content being viewed daily. 

Video Production at JustSolve.

At JustSolve. we have designed a customised approach to video production, with tailor-made video content to serve your marketing needs. Our process focuses on presenting your brand and product in a way that it will stand out from the crowd, give the consumer a reason to purchase, and confront the pain points of the consumer in a realistic manner, all of which builds the foundations of your brand’s relationship with the viewer. Video production is a highly targeted solution to a consumer’s needs, with the intent of making your brand memorable. At JustSolve. we have excelled at presenting animated explainer videos, concisely showcasing products and brands, whilst building that personalised relationship with the target audience.

We offer a range of video produced solutions, depending on what your needs are and who your target audience may be.

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Why Video Production?

Brand Videos are ideal for introducing your brand to a new target audience. Brand videos have a sense of capturing the essence of the brand, providing an emotional link between your brand and the viewer by telling a story of where the brand came from, what it stands for and how the brand will uphold its values.

Social Media Videos are taking the world by storm! With a steady increase in growth of social media users over recent years, social media videos have become the go-to option for consumers researching products. Social media campaigns have the potential to reach a diverse target audience within hours, while every follow, like, comment and share on your content only drives your social media videos further into becoming a self-propelled marketing vehicle.

Brand Identity Videos are a visual compliment to the brand’s unique identity. Setting the concrete foundations of making your brand memorable and personable. Brand identity videos capture the unique voice, look and feel of the brand in its entirety. Essentially, your brand identity video is your virtual handshake, aligning the brand name with its vision, mission, graphic design elements.

Promo videos are best used as a short story-telling marketing tool. Breaking down any misconceptions about your product and providing an emotional, humorous, quirky and creative format, which effectively showcases your product, brand or service. Bring us your idea and we’ll be sure to present you with a creatively smart and intuitive selection of possibilities for your promo video.


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Why JustSolve?

JustSolve offers an array of video production services. Our video production services yield a focused process of taking your idea and storyboarding scenarios that are relevant to capture the attention of the audience you aim to target and influence. We research the target audience, aligning the scenarios with the scope of the product and brand to ensure optimal reception of your story.

Want to bring your idea to life with an animated video?