KTM Centurion

One of KTM Centurion’s values is to make their customers feel like they’ve come home – so we were tasked to build them a home for their online family.

Areas of Focus

Web Design | Web Development

The Challenge.

Outdated Products

Many of KTM Centurion’s motorbikes on their website were not sold on their floor anymore, and prices were outdated.

Lack of Responsiveness

With the world going mobile, many of KTM’s potential clients found it difficult to navigate their website on different devices.

Outdated Styling

While their old site may have looked good back in the day, KTM Centurion’s site needed a facelift to keep up with the appearances of websites today.

Our Solution.

Updated Catalogue

We wanted to update and showcase all of KTM Centurions bikes in a neat catalogue for users to browse through before they decided to pay them a visit.

A Responsive Approach

We aimed to make KTM Centurions website as mobile friendly as possible. When it comes to browsing on your phone, we needed to optimise the imagery.

Easy Navigation

No one wants to struggle when they navigate through a site. We wanted to make it easy for the customer to browse through the different bikes, as well as the website itself.

I was very impressed with the quick and efficient service we received from JustSolve. Our website is awesome and looks very professional. I would highly recommend them.

Megan Prinsloo

KTM Centurion Sales & Marketing Manager

Updated Catalogue.

We updated KTM Centurions full catalogue of motorbikes and made sure they were shown off in the proper light. We sorted and categorised them in a way that would be easy to find. Blank pages on their old site were also filled with new, engaging content.

Fully Responsive.

We made sure the site was easy to navigate on a mobile device, tablet or browser, and that images were optimised for faster browsing.

Contacting With Ease.

The old KTM Centurion site made it very difficult to contact them or even find them. We placed numerous call-to-actions all over the site which directs customers to an interactive Contact Page. Here they can call them, email them or find them with a single click.

The Outcome.

Full Catalogue

We’ve updated the prices, descriptions and pictures of all the latest bikes KTM Centurion has to offer on their floor, and laid it out in a beautiful and easy catalogue for their customers to browse through.

Quick to Contact

We’ve made it quick and convenient for KTM Centurions customers to get in contact with them whenever they have enquiries. With the help of hyperlinks, customers can now get in touch with a single click.

Easy & Responsive

We’ve made KTM Centurions website fully responsive on all devices. Along with a simplified layout, this makes navigating the site much easier for any prospective customers.